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Is it already warmer in Belgium?

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In other words, Is climate change already happening here?

To answer this question, it is necessary to know the evolution of temperatures in Belgium.

The RMI - Royal Meteorological Institute - publishes a monthly report on the observed temperatures. These have been recorded since 1833, which makes it possible to see the changes over several decades.

So, warmer or not? Yes, significantly.

Both winter and summer, daytime and nighttime temperatures are increasing. And the average annual temperature is increasing significantly.

In 40 years, Belgium has warmed from 1.5 ° C to 1.8 ° C

This is what the climatic trends observed in Belgium reveal.

+ 1,5°C in Uccle

+ 1,8°C in Rochefort

+ 1,6°C in Oostende

Is this serious doctor? It depends if you like heatwaves.

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