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Climate change is important but not urgent. Right ?

#Extremeweather is the highest long term threat of our society, as clearly stated by the World Economic Forum.

World Economic Forum - 2021 World’s greatest threats
World Economic Forum - 2021 World’s greatest threats

But do we feel it's urgent we act ? It doesn't look like...

Let's face it, as individuals, we don't currently experience enough how #climatechange will drastically impact our lives, although it's already appearing. Think of all the heatwaves we've had since years now. In summer, we tend to think it might be there, but when it's cold, it's raining or snowing, it doesn't seem to be that real, or dangerous.

So, we tend to think that

- "it's important to do something, but not the most urgent" ;

- "we'll still have time to take action tomorrow" ;

We have more urgent things to handle, like fighting a pandemic or its impacts, right?

True, but...

This urgency is special: although it's long term threat, counteractions are only possible if we act today. #TomorrowIsTooLate.

There will be no vaccines to cure our society of climate change. It will not be a deregulation of our current climate. It will be #TheNewClimate we'll all have to live in for a long time.

Our biggest challenge is to take care today of the highest threat of our lives while not experiencing how bad it is.

It's to act today while not feeling we have to.

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